Reconstruction of Accounting Entries

26 Nov

Reconstruction of Accounting Entries

The necessity in reconstruction of accounting entries may arise in those cases when despite the fact that book records were not kept or were kept incorrectly, you still need to save the company.
Reconstruction of accounting entries – is reconstruction of accounts ledgers based on reflecting the primary documents with further reporting and submitting the confirmed declaration that consequently eliminates all the questions and claims from the tax authorities.
The head of the company needs these services to avoid significant tax sanctions for keeping incorrect records of legal tax units that can cause arresting bank accounts, the prosecution of the head, as well as the bankruptcy of the company.

Reconstruction of accounting entries includes the following stages:

  • Primary documents check, handling and analysis, to make sure they correspond with the legislative requirements
  • Accounting software entries
  • Ledgers handling
  • Tax payments check and calculation
  • Preparing and submitting the corrected versions of tax accounts, etc.

As a result, you will have proper accounts and tax ledgers, automated accounting system, optimized tax policy. In addition, you will be given recommendations on further issuance of financial and operating activities.