20 Nov

Checking the Work of a Local Distributor

Are you satisfied with your distributor’s performance? Is your goods turnover big enough to open the representation of your business in Latvia?
It is extremely difficult to control your distributor at a distance: check the fulfillment of plans on purchasing and / or sales, get the real (non-embellished) reports, control the expenditure of funds on marketing, etc.
Very often, a distributor shows you an “improved” picture of his work. But, how does the situation look like in reality? Our professionals will help you to establish a complete control over your distributor in Latvia.

  • We check the actual presence of your products on the Latvian market. Weighted distribution of your product.
  • We prepare reports on your products distribution on the Latvian market and make a comparative analysis of competitive products. We compose and execute any report and / or presentation on the results of cooperation between your distributor and you.
  • We develop a pricing policy for new products.
  • We develop and fulfill any job, connected with marketing, which is meant to improve your situation on Latvian market.
  • We check and provide financial, business and other kinds of information about your partner (distributor).
  • We are able to find you a new perspective partner, who will distribute your products on Latvian market. We will also organize and hold you a meeting with your future distributor.
  • We will perform any other functions as your representative in Latvia. “Virtual Representation”
  • We will advice you on any matters related to Latvian trade companies.

We have rich experience in working with cosmetics, household chemicals, food products, Building materials, and fodder for animals.
We also have the opportunity to provide these services in Lithuania and Estonia.