Category: Accounting Services

29 Nov

Advice on accounting and tax matters

Accounting and tax legislation is changing so often, that sometimes even an experienced specialist finds it difficult to control. The large number of unsettled issues may lead to unwanted difficulties during the process of audit, additional expenses on fines, and reduction of the overall efficiency of the company. A competent advice, given in time, will […]
28 Nov

Integrated Accounting for Small and Medium business

To begin with, the issues of accounting and taxation are extremely important, and it is impossible to do business without them. Moreover, the task of maintaining correct and accurate accounts becomes even more complicated in the obstacles of constantly changing legislation. In most cases only high-qualified specialists are able to follow and control constant changes […]
27 Nov

The cost of accounting services

The cost of accounting services depends on the volume of documentation and the average number of business transactions per month, as well as on the following factors: o type of commercial activity o the number of structural units of the enterprise o the number of employees o the number of fixed assets o the number […]
26 Nov

Reconstruction of Accounting Entries

The necessity in reconstruction of accounting entries may arise in those cases when despite the fact that book records were not kept or were kept incorrectly, you still need to save the company. Reconstruction of accounting entries – is reconstruction of accounts ledgers based on reflecting the primary documents with further reporting and submitting the […]