Advice on accounting and tax matters

29 Nov

Advice on accounting and tax matters

Accounting and tax legislation is changing so often, that sometimes even an experienced specialist finds it difficult to control. The large number of unsettled issues may lead to unwanted difficulties during the process of audit, additional expenses on fines, and reduction of the overall efficiency of the company. A competent advice, given in time, will save you from most of the problems associated with accounting and taxation. Professional advice costs less than time wasted on correcting mistakes and reconstructing accounting entries.
Practical experience in working in all kinds of business areas allows us to give our clients good advice in keeping book records and dealing with taxation matters.
Taking in account all your special needs, we may help you in organizing the system of taxation, legally diminishing the taxable base, consummating a business deal and achieving maximum financial results at minimum cost.
Our specialists are giving professional advice on various sections of recordkeeping, taxation, law and all kinds of business management.
Our rich experience allows us to give our clients good advice in the following fields:

  • Retail and wholesale trade, import, export
  • Civil engineering
  • Investment activities
  • Manufacturing
  • Freight trade
  • Expedition, mediation
  • Trade in cars and trucks
  • Medical practice and rehabilitation services
  • Commission business
  • Cafe and catering
  • Woodworking and wood products distribution
  • Scrap recycling, purchasing and sale
  • Customs brokerage and customs warehouse
  • Property management
  • Car service
  • Job placement services and staff recruitment
  • Car rental
  • Various household services, etc.

Consultations are provided as quickly as possible. In some cases there is also a possibility to receive a consultation by phone.

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